Step 1.
Connect to any Meter or Sensor
Step 2.
Place anywhere in the world
Step 3.
View your data on the web
Hardware Features

Rugged (IP68/waterproof and UV stable), ultra-compact and ultra-low-power devices for connecting meters and sensors to the web.

Supporting a massive range of meter and sensor types, via industry-standard signals including pulse, mA, voltage, resistance, SDI12, Modbus, RS232, RS485  and more; with switched power at 12V DC for powering connected sensors.


Hardware is completely managed from virtually anywhere via the web, including all configuration and calibration requirements. Comes with access to our dedicated installation mobile phone site supporting end-to-end installation and commissioning requirements and record collection, including collection of location coordinates and photographs. It has internal non-volatile memory to ensure your valuable data is kept safe if there is a network issue.

Can be deployed virtually anywhere in the world using a range of existing radio networks for web connectivity including cellular 3G and 4G (NB-IoT, Cat-M1 )


Low Total Cost of Ownership

This image shows how easy it is to install an Outpost WASP IOT device connected to a level sensor. This compact device is waterproof, has internal batteries that last for around 5 years and transmits level data to a beautiful web interface. No need to get power to the installation. No need to install a solar panel that attracts vandalism. It takes minutes to install. When the plastic meter lid is put back on there is no indication to passers by that there is a sophisticated monitoring system installed below the surface.

There are few place on Earth that this device won't work. It connects to the pervasive global cellular network, with Satellite options if your sensor is in the absolute middle of nowhere. The level sensor is powered by the WASP. The WASP switches on a 15V power supply to the sensor for a short amount of time when it is reading the sensor. The level readings are logged in internal memory if there is an issue with connectivity. The firmware is automatically remotely upgraded over it's life to maintain the highest level of security.


Choose from two main types of hardware


Outpost WASP

internal long life battery

Internal Lithium battery designed to provide 5 years service in typical applications. Useful when you don't want to install a solar panel to attract potential vandalism, or you just want a fast installation with minimum total cost and effort. Connect to water meters, pressure sensors, float switches, soil moisture sensors, rain gauges, MODBUS slaves. Pretty much any type of sensor. The internal battery can power the sensor as well.

Outpost COBRA

Internal rechargeable battery

Internal charge regulator and rechargeable lithium-ion battery designed to run from a flexible range of external power sources including solar panels, battery packs and mains-powered AC-DC transformers. Connect to water meters, pressure sensors, float switches, soil moisture sensors, rain gauges, MODBUS slaves. Pretty much any type of sensor. The internal rechargable battery can power the sensor as well.

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