Leaders in Irrigation & Farm monitoring

Outpost Central has a world leading solution for monitoring irrigation flow meters and other on-farm monitoring solutions such as Soil Moisture, Weather Stations, Temperature, Rainfall, Evapotranspiration, Water Levels, Tank Levels, Pressure & more!

Irrigation Flow Monitoring

An advanced monitoring solution that connects most Irrigation Flow meters to the web for measuring flow rates, totalisers, battery and fault status.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Connect to low cost soil moisture probes or multi-level profile probes and gain knowledge on exactly what is happening to moisture levels below the surface for making decisions in irrigation scheduling or predicting yield.

Weather Stations

From low cost rain gauges & temperature sensors through to fully featured professional weather stations for measuring Evapotranspiration, Fire Danger Index and more.


Irrigation Flow Meter Monitoring

Outpost Central is a leading irrigation smart-metering solution in the Australian irrigation industry, having been retrofitted to thousands of irrigation meters Australia wide (and new deployments coming online daily). With hardware support for pulse data from simple mechanical flow meters, serial interfaces to more complex electronic flow meters, and a range other flow measurement structures such as V-notch weirs; as well as support for ancillary sensors such as pressure sensors to monitoring control structures such as PRV’s and flumes, the Outpost solution is an out-of-the-box solution and has developed a strong following in the irrigation industry due to it’s low cost, simplicity, and flexibility.The software solution’s ability to generate on-the-fly meter read reports, provide web-based analytical tools, give individual and secure end-user access to detailed irrigation water use data, readily integrate with existing billing, ordering and delivery systems including SCADA, and send alerts and alarms; has empowered irrigation network operators to bring their infrastructure into the digital era with minimal capital investment and technology risk.

Connect to Siemens, i300, i500, mechanical meters etc.

Servicing customers such as Murrumbidgee Irrigation, Barossa Infrastructure, Central Irrigation Trust, Harvey Water and thousands of individual farmers across Australia and New Zealand.

The following On-Farm monitoring solutions are available in Australia and the United States under the Outpost owned wildeye brand

Soil Moisture Monitoring

An affordable soil moisture monitoring solution for Horticulture, Viticulture, Dryland cropping, Pasture production, Row cropping, Silviculture, Floriculture, landscape and research.

Connect low cost sensors through to multi level profile probes that can measure Soil Moisture, Temperature and EC. Supported sensors include Decagon, EnviroPro, Sentek, Aquacheck, Irrometer, tensiometers and our fully web based graphing and reporting solution allows for detailed analysis of your soil moisture levels.



Weather Stations, Rain Gauges, Temperature

The wildeye weather station range includes low cost rain gauges and temperature sensors through to fully featured professional weather stations for measuring Evapotranspiration, Fire Danger Index for harvesting, Spraying conditions, Hay Dew sensors and more. 

View your weather information live through the wildeye web platform with beautiful dashboards and detailed graphing solutions. 

Water Level Monitoring

Monitor water levels with affordable wildeye pressure sensors. Ranging from low cost Tank Level monitoring systems through to borehole and well depth monitoring. Convert levels over a weir into flow rates.

The wildeye level monitoring solution is extremely reliable as it uses an internal barometric pressure compensation device rather than required high maintenance vent boxes. Plug and Play level monitoring at an affordable price.

Step 1.
Connect any meter or sensor
Step 2.
Place anywhere on your farm
Step 3.
Know what's happening in the field